• Adriano's Desert King (2 crops)
  • BA1
  • Emerald Strawberry
  • Frasso
  • Hirschsteten
  • LLoral
  • Nero Longue
  • Raspberry Latte
  • Salame
  • Scott's Black
  • Vallecalda
  • Vale Negra

  • Algarve
  • Martinho
  • Moscatel Preto
  • Ponte de Quarteira
  • Pera
  • Preto (Black Madeira)
  • Rei Preto
  • Relva Preto
  • Roxo de Valinnhos (Brazil)
  • Sofeno Preto
  • Sopa e Vinho
  • Tres ao Prato
  • Columbro Sarno
    A light brown,medium to large .Two crops.From Campania,Italy.

  • Cótio
    A small ,white ,thin skin and a pulp of honey consistency fig.
    Excellent to eat and to make AGUARDENTE and ALCOHOL.

  • Cótio (Cótio Preto)
    A very rare (Condit ), black, large , outstanding, high quality fig from Azores.

  • Doce
    A high quality fig from Madeira-

  • Fiorone di Ruvo
    A sweet fig with extra large brebas.

  • Lampa Preta
    One of the most famous figs from Portugal. A large green fig with violaceous traces. It has a lot
    of brebas, second crop is small. Probably the best fig to grow in a northern climate ( better than the D. King).

  • Lattarola
    A very sweet, medium fig with red inside (not Lattarula).

  • Nero Gigante
    Excellent fruit, black, red flash. with 2 crops ,both large.

  • Rainha
    An excellent ,medium,white fig with outstanding quality, from Portugal

  • Rei Branco
    A high quality fig,from Garajau , Madeira.

  • Sequoia
    A median to large ,yellowish fig of high quality . Two crops .

  • Smith
    A light brownish, excellent , very large fig of high quality.

  • Tio Antonio
    A white, very sweet, brebas very large ,two crops,high quality fig from Spain

  • Vazilika Sika
    A very good , excellent fig.

  • Zingarello Nero (IHS)
    A black , medium ,excellent , very productive fig.